IT Service Desk

With resources immediately available for scaling to meet your organisation’s needs – it’s possible to deliver projects faster and more effectively than having to build and train an internal team or re-assign existing staff.

Business Technology Strategy

From creating visions and aspirations to connecting them with realistic and objective world, we’ll help you devise intuitive business technology strategies.

Interim & Project Management

Timely management of unexpected situations or crisis is the secret of a successful business. Our expertise will be there at a moment’s notice to strategically execute the solution to any crisis.

Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS has your back during an unfortunate system failure. Maintain your brand’s reputation with our powerful and easy DRaaS.

Backup As A Service (BaaS)

Data protection becomes much simpler. Save the time and energy you spend on in-house data protection. Talk to us for proven BaaS technologies.

Azure Public Cloud

Created by Microsoft, the Azure public cloud allows easy management, building, and testing of applications on servers hosted by Microsoft.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is a cost-effective way to keep your data and files safe. With improved connectivity and better security, you can enhance your business performance.

Private cloud

Along with rapid deployment, you get more flexibility and more security by hosting your data in a private cloud.

Microsoft 365

Make your data more secure by storing in Microsoft 365. Your data will stay safe with highly advanced security features of Microsoft 365.

Cloud Migration Assessments

Assess your workload before you migrate to the cloud to make sure your cloud migration is successful.

Social engineering & User Awareness Training

Prevention is better than the cure. We know the signs of suspicious behaviour. We will train your staff on how they can prevent a data breach and minimize cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Consulting

We help you devise a flawless cyber security strategy and give you advice on making your network as secure as possible.